Facts About Jewish Culture

The Jewish religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. It is also one of the most misunderstood religions. There are some facts about the Jewish culture and the Jewish religion.



This is the holy book of the Jewish religion. This book tells Jewish people how to live their life. The people need to spread this light from the book to the people around them.




Jewish people need to dress in a modest fashion. Being naked or exposing too much skin is frowned upon. When traditional women go out in public they need to have a collar on as well as their arms and legs covered. Orthodox women also wear a sheitel which is a covering over their hair. Traditional Jewish men wear a kippah over their heads and they have long curls on the side.


Jews, Israelites, and Hebrews are the Same People


Abraham is the father of the Jewish people. At this time they were referred to as Hebrew. He had a grandson named Jacob that began to call the same people Israelites or children of Israel. King David from the Judah tribe ruled over most of this land and called the people Yiddish which translates to Jews. All of these terms refer to the same group of people.


Jewish Calendar


The Jewish calendar is different from the Western calendar. The cycle for the Jewish people starts at the end of summer. The Jewish New Year is called Rosh-Hashanah which means The Head of the Year. The people celebrate with traditional foods and harvests. The next holiday is Sukkoth which is the official harvest celebration and Moses leading the Jewish people out of Egypt.




Jews believe in one God and it is the same God that is worshiped in the Christian religion. They feel that Moses revealed the truths of God. The people worship God in a church called a synagogue and the rabbi is the religious teacher.




The food needs to be kosher. Kosher foods follow certain dietary regulations. Eating pork is forbidden. Birds of prey cannot be consumed as well. Acceptable fish including those that have both fins and scales. Eggs, milk, and cheese are allowed. There are many more rules but these are the basics when looking for kosher eating.


Women in Charge


In the Jewish culture, the religion passed down from generation to generation. The Jewish woman in the family is the one that shares the religion with the young. They share their beliefs, lifestyle, and cultural traditions.


Interesting Information


The legendary Superman is Jewish. His name is Kal-El which means voice in Hebrew. He was created by Jerry Siegel who has a deep belief in the Jewish ways and traditions. The inscribing on the Statue of Liberty was written by a Jewish woman. Her name was Emma Lazarus and today the United States still takes in the “tired, hungry, and poor.”.


This is some information about the culture of the Jewish people. This religion has been around for thousands of years and over this time a rich culture has developed. In our next article, check facts about the side effects of pistachio nuts.